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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  July 20, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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officer accused: the police investigate one of their own for rape. late breaking developments in the live report. hello, i'm jessica kartalija and don has the day off. a baltimore city police officer is suspend after a woman accused him of raping her during a traffic stop. we're live and mike hellgren just spoke with the police about the case a short while ago. the 31-year-old officer had never had an investigation launched against him before. they're cautious with this one and they're not naming or charging the officer and they're not charging him and they're not saying where it happened other than it was somewhere in north east baltimore. first and for most, these allocations are serious. they're very concerning to the
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commissioner and the department. we're handling the investigation accordingly. the officer is placed on suspension and he's working in various functions in the agency and he's not getting at home getting paid -- sitting at home getting paid. he's working. a sexually assault took place resulting from a traffic stop and there's intelligence to suggest that the assault took place by the officer to avoid a traffic infraction. >> reporter: the police are using forensics to determine the validity and they're getting the evidence together and they'll present it to the state's attorney and allow her to charge the officer. and they're looking into whether this could have been caught on a camera. i'm mike hellgren.
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. an accident this morning was caused by a truck driver who fell asleep behind the wheel. it slammed into the back of a tractor trailer near baltimore national pike. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the driver is in serious condition in shock trauma. the inner loop was shutdown for two hours. a baltimore man is indicted on auto manslaughter for a crash that killed another man last month. a grand jury indicted the 22- year-old in the death of the other man killed. he was a passenger in the car and it struck the jersey walsh the officer say he smelled of alcohol after the accident. five boaters were rescued
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after their boat capsized near the bay bridge. they were fishing saturday night when a large wave hit the 14-foot boat and swept them overboard. three managed to hold on and another two held on to a cooler. they were rescued and only one was wearing a live jacket. now, to the gulf oil crisis, the government is cautiously optimistic about the cap that's on the leak. taking a live underwater look at the pictures of the gap. today, fishermen are back on the water and here's the latest for wjz-13. underwater cameras show the cap holding back the oil at four days and counting. close monitoring of the leaks is giving the government confidence. >> we're going on a day-to-day basis. we understand the benefit that
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the oil isn't being introduced into the environment. >> bp is considering a new plan to seal the plan with drilling mud. it's similar to top kill, but this time, they're overcoming pressure. >> we're looking to see if they'll react to that. >> reporter: and the admiral says that the relief well is the permanent solution. the residents are cautiously on the mistake about the progress they're seeing miles offshore and they're noticing some improvement on the bays and the beaches. in louisiana, the boom is going away and the sand is scrubbed clean. they're hoping this is going to bring tourists back. >> it's not over, but we're moving forward. >> reporter: the fishermen can head back to the sound today. they've opened the waters for recreational fishing and commercial fishing is still at a stand still.
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the coast guard was officially concerned about seepage from the sea floor two miles from the well and now, it's unrelated. another hot noon could lead to storms later on. -- i want to show you this batch, it's mainly to the north. it's heading into the northern part of harford county and cecil, also. you can see it clipping bying also. and also, since we've seen that, we can see the thunderstorm firing south of annapolis. and putting it into motion, it's fired up south of annapolis and making its way towards st. michaels and easton. that will continue into the afternoon. the other big thing, temperatures. in, and we're jumping up to 89
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degrees and the dew point of 69. it feels like 94 in baltimore and 97 in ocean city. yes, this is another afternoon of heat continuing. we'll have the forecast coming up. elena cake -- kagan may be closer to being voted in today. the democrats held an edge and she's expected to be approved. so far, the democrats are unanimous in backing kagan. and the nation's first lady pays a special visit to charm city today. she's at camden yards now. and taking a live look at oriole park, you can see the activities are already underway. mike schuh is live with more on the first lady's visit on the ballpark. >> reporter: well, she's here to announce a partnership with
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mlb. it's part of the let's move campaign. after the game, adam jones and corey paterson and more will host a clinic for inner city little leaguers. the first lady will throw the first pitch tonight. >> she has good arms, we think she'll make it over the plate. >> well, definitely. >> wjz-13 is inside the ballpark with the first lady and we'll have more tonight. the proposed slots casino at arundel mills mall is before the court today. they'll decide if the zoning should be subject to a referendum. a local ordinance could be ruled to allow the casino subject to a referendum. mystery solved, the eldest
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statue stolen has been found. a customer spotted elvis badly damaged. it disappeared from a diner a few weeks ago. before then, it was a landmark. and still to come on eyewitness news. facing consequences. mean girl's star, lindsay lohan heading behind bars today. and i books are taking over. traditional hard backs could be extinct. we'll be back with the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lindsey lohan is going to begin her jail time today. a judge ruled that she violated the terms of her probation for a drug case. she's likely to serve much less of her three month sentence because of overcrowding. toyota has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury because of problems with the vehicles.
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the grand jury in new york asked them to submit the documents related to steering rods. it's toyota's second subpoena after it was forced to issue recalls. and it's a new age in the book business. amazon is selling more e books than hard cover books. in june alone, the e books out sold the books by 80%. >> and if you like to read "playboy" for the articles, this is for you. this is the work appropriate website. it's called the smoking jacket. it will be nudity free and it's safe to surf it at work. not surprising, it's targeted at men from 25 to 34 and relies
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on humor. bernadette woods will be back with the first warning weather forecast. first, here's a look at today's midday stocks and last night's winning lottery number. ,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, we have thunderstorms out there right now. we'll get to the radar and show you what we have going on. we have a batch of thunderstorms south of annapolis. that's where we'll start out. we see them to the north starting to make their way into maryland. in annapolis, we have a thunderstorm making its way towards easton. we have a few thunderstorms out there. now, off to the north, we're seeing stronger thunderstorms making their way over to maryland from the maryland side. you can see the eastern parts of carroll county and a few thunderstorms are building up at this point. this one here -- see the purple now. there's the potential for hail and in addition to wind gusts upwards of 40 to 50 and a lot of rain coming out of the thunderstorm now. let's show you, yesterday, we had the thunderstorms and those died down and earlier, this band was to the west. and now, it's moving in our
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direction for the metro areas. we have the winds out of the west and south west and on top of the lines of storms and with the winds, it's keeping the dew points and the moisture levels high and it's starting to bump up the temperatures. we're up to 89 degrees in baltimore and when you factor in the heat index, it's 89 degrees. and 97 in ocean city. and the humidity is in play again today. with this humidity, there's the potential for severe thunderstorms. and it's all a part of a thunderstorm system that is underway. another storm is on the way now and as it approaches, we're seeing the thunderstorms ahead of it. tomorrow, this is giving us the chance of showers and thunderstorms and by thursday, this starts to cool away and as it does, the temperatures are going up. and heat is going to be the big
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factor wards the second part of the week and the forecast looks like this, on the water, the winds out of the south at 10 to 15 knots. today, 93 degrees and thunderstorms out there already. they could be intensifying into the next few hours and tonight, starting to come to an end. we'll have a warm and muggy night and a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms and into the next few days, the chances will lessen and the temperatures are going up in response to it. it's been warm and hot and it's going up from there. we'll have the five day coming up. still to come, new hope for women trying to get pregnant. how the sells in invetro could help. there and wjz-13 is always on, here are the stop -- top stories on for more, go to
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researchers developed a new jell mixed with an aids fighting drug. it can reduce hiv infections in women by 39%. a thousand women participated in the study in africa. they can protect themselves
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without the consent of partners. and more studies are needed first. and hopeful news for women who failed to get present using invetro. the researchers developed a test that's 1000 more times accurate than the age based guidelines. it looks at complicated data from the failed procedures. and patients undergoing emergency operations could be able to receive transfusions of their own blood. the procedure collects blood that sheds in surgery. it's then processed and transfused back into the patient. it's less expensive from transfusions from donors and less likely to spread complications. and be sure to check in at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. some pet owners feet the cats and dogs people food, but
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you could be poisoning them. and honda's newest vehicle can be plugged in at home. join us for these stories and all of the day's breaking news today at 4:00. stay with us, the forecast is next. [ man ] my perfect summer is grilling up a masterpiece.
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well, this heat is continuing on and on. here's the forecast, the heat is going to continue. we've had thunderstorms out there today. some could be strong and severe. tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms. still in the 90s and the chances lessen thursday and friday and take a look at the temperatures. by saturday, it's 98 degrees and a new storm system comes our way saturday and sunday and it could cool us down saturday and sunday. sunday, we'll look at a high of 90. we may be in the 80s monday. >> that would be nice. all right, thank you. be sure to tune in tonight. at 10:00, "the good wife." and eyewitness news at 11:00. finally, forget golf and bingo, senior citizens in brazil are playing, i'm no
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granny, i'm a d.j.. she's teaching students to run the turntable. it's hard to get used to for some, but never too late to learn. i wonder what they're mixing. >> yeah, i guess you could put anything on there. >> yeah, you could. thank you for watching. have a great day. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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